HIV Friendly Schools (Educate Yourself)

‘Educate Yourself: Working Towards HIV Friendly Schools’ is a campaign CHIVA has been running since 2015 to raise awareness of the pastoral care needs of children living with and affected by HIV in UK schools. There is a guardian article here from Nov 15 interviewing two of our Youth Committee.


CHIVA has worked with many partners from education and the charity sector to update the NCB guidance for schools.

(Click on the image to download). There is also a summary document available.


Educate yourself

Young people living with HIV have made a two-minute film for teachers to say in their own words why this is an important issue.

Parliamentary event

CHIVA held a parliamentary event where speakers from education, health and young people spoke about the importance of this campaign.


Pictured at the event (above) are: Tony Draper (President of the National Association of Head Teachers), Joyce Gould (House of Lords) and Dr Mandy Williams (CHIVA Chair), and (below) Norman Lamb MP.



New for 2016

CHIVA is hoping to be working in high prevalence areas of paediatric HIV to engage schools and health providers and support schools to become HIV-friendly so the pupils living with HIV feel able to share this information safely.

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