CHIVA supports children and young people living with HIV across the UK and Ireland. We address critical needs for those growing up with HIV. CHIVA works to ensure young people have the knowledge, understanding, skills and support needed to live well and achieve their greatest potential.

2019 Membership and Conference Deals available here. 

Life Growing Up

Support camp

Find out about our annual Support camp for 11-16 year old's living with HIV. Apply for camp 2019 NOW.


CHIVA supports the engagement of young people in our work. Find out about our 2019 Art is Key project.

Professional Support

Working with health professionals to provide support to children, young people and their families.

2019 Conference

Register for the 13th Annual Conference here, and Abstract Submissions here (open until 1st Feb)

Secure website

Information about If Only You Knew our dedicated website built solely for children and young people living with HIV. 

For Young People

For all young people who want to know more about HIV, and the issues around having HIV in your family.

For Parents

Information for parents/carers who are living with HIV, and for parents/carers of children and young people living with HIV.


Find out the ways you can support our work, including running in this years’ HIV 10K -RED RUN on 01/12/18.

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