Aims and Objectives

CHIVA aims to:

  • Enhance the health and social outcomes of children, young people and families living with HIV
  • Reduce isolation for children and young people living with HIV
  • Ensure the voices of children, young people and families living with HIV inform service and practice development
  • Reduce the stigma faced by children, young people and families living with HIV
  • Facilitate young people’s knowledge about HIV and thus empower them to become more independent.

CHIVA accomplishes these aims this through a range of activities including:

  • Supporting the CHIVA Youth Committee, their active involvement in CHIVA events and the development of CHIVA’s work
  • Meeting the needs of children and young people living with HIV through direct work and the provision of information, including for parents 
  • Developing and updating standards of care for the treatment of children and families with HIV
  • Supporting and promoting research and clinic audits to improve treatment and care
  • Supporting clinics across the UK and Ireland to offer children and young people living with HIV the best possible treatment and care, by providing resources, guidelines and events informed by the latest medical research and thinking about patient involvement  
  • Promoting awareness of issues relevant to children living with or affected by HIV, including perinatal mother-to-infant transmission of HIV
  • Providing a resource for relevant national organisations such as the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England, medical royal colleges and Public Health England
  • Collaborating with and supporting the British HIV Association (BHIVA) and professional associations affiliated with BHIVA
  • Recognising and promoting the multidisciplinary support that is needed by children and families living with HIV
  • Encouraging the use of quality standards for audit, clinical governance and commissioning
  • Highlighting the needs of young people living with HIV and promoting good practice for transitional care to adult services.

CHIVA evaluates its direct work to ensure continuous improvement and responsiveness to children and young people’s needs and wishes.