Enhancing the health and social wellbeing of children and young people living with HIV


To commemorate World AIDS Day December 2019, 3 bake sales were set up to raise money for CHIVA. One of our CHIVA Associates organised one, colleagues at the MRCCTU organised another and CAF organised the third. We really appreciate everyone involved taking the time to do this for us, help raise awareness and raise funds towards our direct work. Thank you! from everyone at CHIVA.



held a Fundraising Day on Thursday 28th March 2019, to help raise funds for CHIVA. They held various activities throughout the day including:

  • £1 dress down day, wearing bright colours or a checked shirt
  • Raffle with 65 prizes up for grabs!
  • Name the Bunny.
  • quiche and cake sales

Voice raised a total of £1,000 which went directly towards the 10th Annual Support Camp for Children and young people living with HIV from across the UK.  Find out more about camp here. 

During a very difficult time for the VOICE Campaign, Helen Bailey (Operations Manager) took the initiative to make this event to help the team come together. She organised this fundraising day in remembrance of a Voice colleague, who sadly lost his life in February 2019 and CHIVA was a charity close to his heart.  



to our fundraising champion swimmer Jet who is 8 and lives in Bristol. She wowed us all, by swimming a mile (73 lengths) and ran a stall at her school, and her house with her sister Della, to raise funds for CHIVA. Jet has raised over £1000!!! Thank you so much Jet you are a 'fundraising superstar' and an amazing swimmer!