Youth Trials Board Co-ordinator Post


CHIVA is recruiting a part time Co-ordinator for the Youth Trials Board in the UK

Background information:

The Youth Trials Board (YTB) Project is a pilot running in four countries – UK, Zimbabwe, Uganda and South Africa – which is looking to develop a participation model to give young people living with HIV a voice in the development and delivery of clinical trials of HIV medicine.

A YTB consist of 6-9 young people who meet 2-3 times a year and look at clinical trials for HIV medicine in children. They have a direct link to the people running the trials. They will make information for other young people, be asked their opinions and be asked to be involved in other trials and research as they set up.

The project is being run by PENTA-ID and CHIVA is the UK partner.

Youth Trials Board UK Coordinator Job Description:

       Lead on the organisation and delivery of YTB-UK meetings:

  • Arrange three meetings over two years with a group of 9 young people
  • Organise travel plans and write to the young people to let them know the meeting details and their individual travel plans
  • Liase with CHIVA around booking accommodation and meeting rooms and purchasing travel tickets
  • Arrange food for the meetings
  • Help facilitate discussions and encourage engagement of young people in the meetings.
  • Provide pastoral care to young people throughout the meeting events, overnight where necessary, and to include medication support and behavioural management

        In addition to the YTB meetings, the coordinator will:

  • Liaise with the PENTA YTB Team
  • Liaise with the Clinical Trails Unit (CTU) at the Medical Research Council in London
  • Co-ordinate a WhatsApp group to maintain communication with YTB members in between meetings
  • Co-ordinate Google Docs in order that YTB members can comment on materials and resources sent to them by the CTU in between meetings
  • Respond to ongoing questions from the YTB

We are looking for someone with the following knowledge, experience and skills:

Knowledge and Experience:


  • As many aspects of this work are peer-to-peer related, we are seeking a candidate living with HIV and aged under 30.
  •  Undertaken a support role previously with young people (ideally at CHIVA support camp)
  •  Knowledge and understanding of clinical trials and research or a willingness to learn


  • Administrative or project work experience


  • Good written and IT skills
  • Administration and work organisation skills
  • Ability to manage own time effectively and work independently

Application process:

Please send a letter in support of your application stating:

  1. Why you are interested in this role
  2. How your knowledge, experience and skills fit the requirements for this role

Please email Amanda Ely CHIVA Manager:

Deadline to apply: Friday 26th January 2018.

Interviews to take place via Skype week commencing 29th January.

Please note successful applicants will need to be available for the first YTB-UK meeting during the weekend of 24th - 25th March.

*This is a paid role, with payment for designated YTB activities as a CHIVA associate, variable hours in relation to project activity for an initial period of 18 months.

Please email Amanda with any questions.

Due to the nature of this role, this post is covered by a Genuine Occupational Requirement (GOR) under the Equality Act 2010. The successful applicant will be a person living with HIV under 30 years old. 

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