Contact a school you know: help end HIV Stigma on World AIDS Day

Better HIV education means ending stigma sooner. That’s why we need your help. Spread the word and reach out to a school you know this December.

What were you taught about HIV at school? What can you remember?

All schools must provide sex and relationship education, which should include information on HIV, but some students still aren’t getting all the facts. Many young people we work with describe negative experiences in the classroom, sitting through misinformation and inaccuracies around HIV, especially on transmission. 

HIV stigma could end with this generation. We could make that happen. Better HIV education in schools could transform attitudes, greatly improving the lives of people living with HIV, many of whom are not open about their status because of ongoing stigma.

This #WorldAIDSDay, reach out to a secondary school you know – your school, your old school, your kids’ school – ask what they’re teaching on HIV, challenge them to do more and share Chiva’s education toolkit – co-made with children and young people growing up with HIV.

As well as basic information about HIV, the toolkit explores the unique challenges faced by young people who are growing up with HIV. Chiva can also come into schools to help facilitate these sessions.

The toolkit works alongside Chiva’s powerful award-winning short film, Life Growing Up, delivered through spoken word and co-produced by young people living with HIV. 

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  • Empowering students through education will help #endHIVstigma. 💙
    This #WorldAIDSDay, I’m asking my old school @tag your school how they’re teaching HIV and sharing @chivaprojects education toolkit, co-made by children and young people who grew up with HIV 👉

  • Instagram: What did you learn about HIV at school? What do you remember? 🤔 (Share your experience). Even though HIV should be taught as part of sex and relationship education, many students still aren’t getting all the facts. Inaccuracies and misinformation are common. That’s why this #WorldAIDSDay, I’m joining @chivaprojects in challenging schools to do more. @tag your school – how are you teaching HIV? Do you know about Chiva’s education toolkit, co-produced with young people who grew up with HIV? Chiva can even come in to help facilitate sessions. This could be the generation to #endHIVstigma. You could help make that happen. 💙 Find the toolkit at the @chivaprojects bio link.

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Hello! I used to be one of your students a while ago, hope all is going well (/state how you’re connected to the school). As it’s World AIDS Day this Thursday, I just wanted to share some valuable resources put together by Chiva, co-produced with young people who were born with HIV: 

They sit alongside the award-winning spoken-word-style film Life Growing Up, and are designed to deliver engaging sessions on this issue. A Chiva representative could even come in to help facilitate these sessions.

This could be the generation to end HIV stigma. And making sure young people have all the facts is a huge part of this. Hoping you may find these resources useful. Thanks very much, (your name)