Empowering under 13s: A day of connection and learning at the trampoline park

Last month, we organised a meet-up for under 13s, aiming to foster new relationships, promote an understanding of children’s rights and healthcare, and provide the opportunity for young participants to engage directly with healthcare professionals.

Nine attended in total, with a busy schedule of activities. The group explored the importance of access to healthcare and discussed their own healthcare needs.

An expert nurse also joined the group to address health-related questions, with participants given the opportunity to ask her about their health concerns and learn how to approach healthcare professionals in their own clinics. This session also helped gauge the level of HIV knowledge among the group and inform future workshops.

Participants really appreciated the opportunity to learn more about their HIV and having the opportunity to ask questions, as well as the joy of trampolining!

Their enthusiasm and engagement shows the need for more dedicated spaces and activities for this age range.