Children’s HIV and AIDS Reporting System (CHARS) Update

1st April 2022

We are delighted to report that the Children’s HIV and AIDS Reporting System (CHARS), commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement, has been launched on the secure online portal alongside the Integrated Screening Outcomes Surveillance Service (ISOSS).

CHARS includes all cases carried over from CHIPS as well as any cases reported since CHIPS stopped receiving any new paediatric notifications in March 2020.

The feedback about CHARS Online has been great so far, CHARS would like to thank you to those of you who have been in touch with thoughts and suggestions.

As there has been a reporting gap, NHS England are keen to address this and have up to date paediatric HIV data in time for this year’s annual tables. CHARS aims for cases to be up to date by the end of April 2022. If you need any support with reporting please do get in touch with the CHARS team.

Many thanks to all CHARS respondents for your ongoing support with the national paediatric HIV surveillance, the CHARS/ISOSS team will be hosting a stand at the CHIVA Conference in May so do go and say hello.  

Many thanks

Kate and Helen