Treat Me Like This

The “Treat Me Like This” project recruited 8 young people with HIV to develop a Youth Guidelines Group. They came together for residential and professional meetings with Chiva and presented at the Chiva national conference, over a one year period.

Guidance documents were produced by the group in the following areas:

Paediatric Clinic Providers

Guidance for Clinics Supporting Young People Taking their HIV Medication

Guidance for Clinics on Transition

Guidance for Clinics on Conversations About Sexual Health

Checklist for Clinics What do Young People Say They Need?

Checklist for Clinic Consultations

Parents and Carers

Top Tips for Parents and Carers Supporting their Children Taking HIV Medication

Young People

Guidance for Young People on Managing Taking Medication

(click on all links above to view guidance pdf and download.) These documents are also available in printed form. If you require any copies please email us at [email protected]

Treat Me Like This was a successful patient engagement project. It enabled young people growing up with HIV to explore and reflect upon their experiences of accessing clinical care throughout their childhood and use this understanding this to support clinical understanding of children and young peoples needs.

Thank you to Gilead for funding Treat Me Like This.