Enhancing the health and social wellbeing of children and young people living with HIV


Many current research papers relating to paediatric HIV are listed on the CHIPS website publications area.

There are also up to date publications relating to paediatric HIV on the PENTA-ID website.

Naming HIV to children:it's time to talk Katie Rowson (2017)

Freedom to be: impact of CHIVA camp Irina Lut, Katie Rowson and Amanda Ely (2017)

Clinical status of adolescents with perinatal HIV at transfer to adult care in the UK/Ireland. Clinical Infectious Disease Collins, I. J., Foster, C., Tostevin, A., et al. (2017).

The book, Children Caring for parents with HIV and AIDS (Ruth Evans, Saul Becker) can be purchased for £24.99 from Policy Press.