Fostering a child living with HIV

This area is for people who are either thinking about fostering a child living with HIV or have found out that a child they are fostering is living with HIV. 

Fear and lack of understanding of HIV can make people feel scared – but there is nothing to be afraid of. We hope this area will help you get the information you need. It sets out information about understanding HIV so you can ensure your knowledge is up-to-date, it looks at the importance of confidentialitywho should be told about the child’s HIV status and the support that the child, family and you may need.

If questions are not answered here then please email our social care lead and Chiva CEO [email protected]. We will provide answers and post them on this site so everyone can learn from them.

If you have adopted a child Living with HIV, the rest of the parents’ area of our site should give you the information you need. If you would like to share your story, please contact us, your story would be hugely beneficial to others.