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Covid-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 update 17/02/2021

Do you have questions or concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine?

There is a lot of information around and some of it may not be accurate, particularly information shared in social media / Whatsapp where it is hard to know where this information comes from.

It is important to have access to accurate information and answers to questions and worries. The resources provided here explain what the COVID-19 vaccine is and how it works, what different versions are currently available in the UK, information about the COVID-19 vaccine for people living with HIV and responses to a range of different questions and concerns which people have been raising. Information is shared by HIV doctors, and people involved in community based support and HIV activists living with HIV.

At the time of writing, young people aged 16 years and over with specific clinical vulnerabilities are identified in the priority groups within the first phase and will be offered the vaccine.

Older children (aged 12 years and over) with severe neuro-disabilities and recurrent respiratory tract infections who require residential care should be considered for vaccination after discussion with their doctors.

Studies looking at the use of the vaccine in children have started in order to get scientific data and decide if and when other children under 16 will be offered the vaccine.


This special edition of AIDS Map live is a COVID-19 vaccine special.

Including contributions from HIV doctors Rageshri Dhairyawan and Vanessa Apea, from the Homerton Hospital in London. House Of Rainbow founding Pastor Rev Jide Macaulay and Mercy Shibemba who speaks particularly about issues concerning young people. This wide ranging discussion explores a lot of the concerns being heard from different members of our communities and responds to questions sent in during the live broadcast. There is a focus on the particular experiences of black people and people of different ethnicities and COVID-19.

How are COVID-19 vaccines being developed so quickly?

This short animation explains how the vaccines were developed so quickly and provides an understanding of how research supports vaccine development.

'Video on COVID-19 Vaccines and HIV' produced by BHIVA

Ninja Nerd lecture - Discussing the COVID-19 vaccines.