Enhancing the health and social wellbeing of children and young people living with HIV




The younger peer support group has met twice recently, and welcomed new members from the CHIVA  Community. Some young people are enjoying the lockdown period and in particular those attending school talked about making new friends and enjoying being in school with less people around. During our sessions we have again done some yoga together, following the short films on the CHIVA website. The young people said they enjoyed stretching. We have also played some games which the group got really into -  a lot of competitiveness!

In our second session the group were welcome to the ‘CHIVA Digital Spa’ and, having been told ahead what ingredients they required, chose from a selection of facial or hand treatments to make. We even listened to Spa Music! The young people said they felt really relaxed and they enjoyed chatting during their treatment. We talked about good sleep routines and about phone use at night. Some young people have struggled to sleep after being on their phones a lot in the evening and we talked through different strategies on how to deal with this, and how to have a ‘healthy relationship’ with your phone. Next time we are going to play HIV Myth busting Bingo!