Chiva welcomes all young people living with HIV across the UK & Ireland

We provide regional support and groups for young people in Wales and across the London, Midlands, Liverpool, Yorkshire and South West regions.

If you don’t live in those areas, we can help you find a group closer to you or support you individually. You may also be able to take part in our national projects.

Wherever you are, if you feel you need more one-to-one support or just a chat about living with HIV, you can always get in touch with Abi at [email protected] or on 07807 705062. Abi is our Participation Manager and has many years of experience working with young people living with HIV.

Abi Carter – Participation Manager

You can also contact the Chiva Youth Committee with any questions for the young people or ideas about what they should be working on: email [email protected].

Still not sure about Chiva? Find our more about our projects and what it’s like to get involved.


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