Enhancing the health and social wellbeing of children and young people living with HIV

What have we been doing?

 Please have a look at the blog posts below to see some of the things we have been doing. 

CHIVA Youth Committee Face to Face Meet Up

June 2021

A one-day face to face youth committee meeting was held in London in June. The 12 who attended dutifully took lateral flow covid tests, got up ridiculously early to catch trains, and battled through the London heat to meet their friends at a church hall near Euston station. After more than a year of zoom meetings, they were overjoyed to be in the same room...

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Welsh and South West Young People’s Meet Up

May 2021

Young people from across the South West and Wales met for a day event in Cardiff in May. These events always include a workshop style activity about growing up with HIV, some food, and a social activity chosen by the young people...

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Online Support Groups 

March 2021

We have continued to provide regular zoom sessions for two different age groups since the start of 2021. These groups have a relaxed feel and have different themes...

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