Alton Towers

A one day, in person meet up with young people from the Midlands and Liverpool areas to Alton Towers in October 2021.

The 12 young people set their alarms very early to meet up at their pickup points before getting a minibus to the location.

Some of the young people knew each other from F2B camp, for others it was their first time meeting and for some it was their first time meeting other young people living with HIV.

On arrival, everyone introduced themselves to the group; due to excitement and time restrictions a short talk was had on the commonality of everyone living with HIV.  Then a very important choice was to be made Thrill Seeker Rides or Gangster Granny Rides – safe to say staff were outnumbered so Thrill Seeker rides it was.

The main aim of the day was for young people to meet up with their peers, have fun, make new friends, and create new support systems (especially after 18 months of Covid-19 restrictions).

First stop Oblivion with lots of rides, screams (and lunch) in between ending with the Wicker Man (twice), then doughnuts before walking back to the minibus’s; and journeys back to Birmingham and Liverpool full of laughter and new friends.