Youth Committee Blog

I feel like since the doctors have a job they don’t really think about what other kind of support the patient may need apart from their virus. But my doctor doesn’t only talk about my virus, they also ask how my social life is going and I really appreciate that.

Some doctors are judgemental on what young people wear – mainly boys, how is clothing linked to what you are meant to be doing?

Nowadays I feel like since Covid has come and lockdowns have been happening not every child’s mental health is looked after as much as it should be.

Also, racism is talked about a lot over the world however nothing has been done about it. Right now, I feel like it’s something I’m going to have to live with. Black men are seen as a threat however white males are seen as normal people – why is that? If Caucasians were put in our position and put through the rough times that black people are put through it would be a different story. How is a white school shooter seen as a mentally ill child but an unarmed black male walking down the street is seen as a threat to the point where people cross the street? I just don’t understand.

Being a child living with HIV I used to feel like I would never fit in and that I’m just going to be living with HIV and my life would not go as I wanted. But since I found out about Chiva I have had a lot of confidence, the people at camp are so nice and even if the activities are not as good however with the people there it is worth going. I would definitely tell other younger kids to go to camp because it is actually so effective.  It has built my self confidence; I now see HIV as something I have to cope with, it’s not big at all. I now know that as long as I take my medication I will be okay and the main thing I think about when I have to take my medication is Undetectable = Untransmittable, I have learnt that taking care of yourself will make you more comfortable and that medication is the key to a healthy future and that is what I want for myself. 

Written by L