‘Transition for me was a very unclear stage. I am still not sure when it began and if it has ended. My doctor first mentioned moving at age 17. Before that I had no idea that I would ever be moving. I was perfectly happy where I was and got on with my doctor and all the nurses in the clinic.

My doctor explained to me that moving was a very good thing and that by moving into the adult clinic I was at an age where I was gaining maturity and responsibility. I was offered the choice of going to a specific teenage clinic or staying at the same hospital and moving to the adult clinic there. I chose to stay and go to the adult clinic because it was just closer to home and I had already met a few of the nurses from that clinic.

I tried taking more control of my appointments and tried to take more of an interest, I now know I should have asked more questions around things I didn’t understand, because once I was in the adult clinic and going by myself, I didn’t really know what some of the things they were saying meant.

Now that I’m in the adult clinic it’s as not scary as I thought it would be. When I’m in the waiting room I am usually the youngest there, at first that was really strange but now I’m used to it. The doctor usually brings up the topic of sexual health and partners. It’s very different from my children’s clinic as the doctor now talks to me rather than my Mum.

I’ve also learned a lot of new things about HIV and now I enjoy asking questions and knowing how I’m doing.’