Long-acting injectable treatments for people living with HIV

Long-acting injectable treatment will be available for some people living with HIV.

NICE (the public body which makes decisions about what treatments can be offered on the NHS) published guidance on 18 November 2021 recommending injectable treatment for adults living with HIV who already have an undetectable viral load on their current treatment, and who do not have drug resistance or a history of previous treatment failure with similar drugs.

Injectable treatment would involve two separate injections every two months and would replace daily pills.

Amanda Ely, Chief Executive Officer at Chiva welcomed the news, saying, “This will be good news for many young adults living with HIV as it offers an alternative treatment option for people who find it difficult to take daily pills. We welcome any innovation that makes it easier for young people to take their HIV treatment.

“Young people aged 18 or over who are interested in learning more about long-acting injectable treatment and what it could mean for them, should speak to their clinic team.”

The NICE news article is here: https://www.nice.org.uk/news/article/nice-approves-first-long-acting-injectable-hiv-1-treatment