Chiva Conference 2022

Click on the links in the presentation titles below, to view and download the presentation pdf’s.

Evolution of clinical care (Prof Gareth Tudor Williams)

Past & Future – Paediatric HIV research perspective ( Prof Diana Gibbs)

HIV Cure ( Prof Sarah Fidler)

Positively Spoken – HIV Oral History Project ( Dr Wendy Rickards & Eli Fitzgerald)

Chiva Youth Committee Symposium ( Chiva Youth Committee)

The Journey of Chiva Support (Amanda Ely)

UNAIDS Global AIDS Strategy (Eamonn Murphy)

Where are young people going? HIV Adult Care 2022 and Beyond ( Dr Laura Waters)

From CHIPS to CHARS – The Future of Paediatric HIV Surveillance ( Helen Peters and Kate Francis)

Supporting young people move into adults clinics – Facilitated Discussion ( Dr Laura Waters, Dr Amy Evans, Dr Sarah Rutter, Jen Kendrick)

“Voices of the house” -Young people sharing their stories through the arts.