Chiva conference 2023

Please find below the slides from the 17th Annual Chiva conference, 17 March 2023.

Chiva Steering Group Members Vertical transmission: Where are we now in the UK?
Dr Hermione Lyall

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Infants exposed to HIV
Prof Andrew Prendergast, Queen Mary University of London

An international perspective on vertical transmission
Dr Elaine Abrams, Columbia University Coffee

Nourish-UK: A study on feeding your baby while living with HIV
Bakita Kasadha & Dr Tanvi Rai, University of Oxford

HIV and infant feeding: A BHIVA Guidelines perspective
Dr Shema Tariq, University College London

Chiva Youth Committee symposium
Chiva Youth Committee

Youth peer mentors in clinics
Eli Fitzgerald & Michelle Bockor, Positively UK Youth

Participation in clinical trials and research
Mercy Shibemba, Penta

Adolescent specialist sexual health services
Jane Ashby, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, BASHH invited Speaker

Oral abstract presentations:
1. High-risk HPV prevalence and serostatus in women living with perinatally acquired HIV (the SHiP study), Dr Merle Henderson, Imperial College London
2. Population-level paediatric HIV surveillance in England: The current picture, Gabriela Toledo, Children’s HIV and AIDS Reporting System
3. Infant Postnatal Prophylaxis (PNP) following maternal viraemia during breastfeeding, Dr Emily Lees, University of Oxford

Update on antiretrovirals
Dr Alasdair Bamford, Great Ormond Street Hospital

HIV and ageing: What does this mean for young people?
Prof Alan Winston, Imperial College London