Talk to Someone

Regional Work 

London: Matilda Brown – [email protected] ( on maternity leave until summer 2022) 

Birmingham & Midlands: Alison Cave – [email protected], 07512 723635     

Merseyside: Serena Cavanagh – [email protected], 07751 168543

Bristol– Amanda Ely [email protected], 07484 830329 

Wales – Abi Carter [email protected], 07807 705062

National Contact

Abi Carter –  [email protected]uk, 07807 705062

Hardship Support

The CHIVA hardship support set up at the start of the pandemic continues to assist families facing considerable hardship and difficulties at present time. 

This can provide food deliveries or food vouchers, help with fuel poverty, advocacy on welfare rights / housing issues, support with computers for young people.

CHIVA Referral Form