New Chiva logo to mark our 20th anniversary as a charity

To mark our 20th anniversary as a charity, Chiva is proud to present its new logo that better represents what the organisation does today.

The new logo comes from the heart of Chiva and has been designed based on ideas from young people who have grown up living with HIV and been supported by the charity. The charity’s Trustees are very central to the work of Chiva and they also had input into the logo design and new strapline.

The logo maintains the original rainbow colours to represent inclusivity and diversity. The hands represent ‘togetherness’ as all of the young people involved in the re-brand remarked that Chiva brings people together in a supportive environment. It no longer includes the child’s handwriting style of font, as Chiva now supports young adults who have transitioned to adult HIV care as much as children.

We hope you like it!

Chiva is no longer an acronym for the Children’s HIV Association. Our name is now Chiva with a capital C.

The ‘About Chiva‘ text has also been updated to more accurately describe what the charity does today. With so many people who were born with HIV in the UK and Ireland now transitioning to adult care, Chiva supports children, young people and young adults living with HIV up to age 25. There are further opportunities for people beyond that age too. For example, adults can help lead Chiva events and activities for younger people.