Chiva provides direct support in several regions of the UK. Chiva staff based in that region work directly with clinics to help address some of the wider impacts HIV can have on children’s and young people’s lives and to support families facing more complex issues. This includes:

  • working in collaboration with clinic teams to support health and wellbeing  
  • providing expert guidance and advice to the wider workforce supporting families living with HIV, e.g. schools and professionals from wider agencies such as social care
  • offering direct support and advice to children and their families through home visits and one-to-one work
  • supporting young people to successfully transition and settle into adult care
  • organising local peer group meet-up events for children and young people
  • supporting families to engage children and young people with Chiva’s wider national peer-based programmes.

Where do we work?

In the South West we work in collaboration with Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and support children and young people across the South West region.

In Wales we work in collaboration with Cardiff Children’s Hospital and supporting children and young people across Wales.

In London we work with children and young people attending clinics across the London region.

In Liverpool Chiva supports peer meet up across the Liverpool region. For one-to-one support contact Rachael Hickmott at Sahir House on 07522 538580.

In Birmingham and across the Midlands.

In Sheffield and across Yorkshire. 

Find out more

You can read about what happens at regional meet-ups.

For more information contact Chiva CEO Amanda Ely or the appropriate regional contact.