Don’t Listen to My HIV, Listen to Me!

Young people living with HIV face various struggles with their mental health. But many find it difficult to discuss these struggles, both with their families and clinic teams. So our youth committee decided it was time to make a podcast about this, bringing together young people’s voices and having candid discussions around a series of key questions. 

The result is a five-episode deep-dive podcast series created in February 2023, covering many themes, including:

  • If you could speak openly to a family member about your experience, what would you want them to know? 
  • In what context does the topic of HIV come up at home? How do you feel when it comes up?
  • What would you like a doctor or a nurse to say to you if you were struggling with your medicine? 
  • What message would you like to give your family or clinic team?
  • Have you accepted your HIV, and if you have, what has helped you to do this?
  • What can we do to educate the younger generations about HIV and to stop the stigma?

With special thanks to Freshrb for their support with the recording and editing of the series. 

Listen now

Episode one: HIV, my family and community

Episode two: HIV in the home

Episode three: Have I accepted my HIV diagnosis?

Episode four: Is the care system currently working for me?

Episode five: The future of HIV in our community