Positive Advice

Welcome to Positive Advice – a brand new podcast brought to you by Chiva, the charity supporting young people and young adults growing up with HIV to live healthy, happy lives and be more in control of their future. 

Hosted by Eli Fitzgerald, this series explores life growing up with HIV, using stories recorded as part of Chiva’s Positively Spoken oral history project – a collaboration with the British Library and funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. 

We stationed ourselves at the International AIDS Conference in Montreal in July 2022 and asked eligible conference attendees to get involved and have their life stories recorded for the Posively Spoken oral history project. 
The Positive Advice podcast takes themed clips from these recordings and explores the topics raised with expert guests. 

Across the series, we hear from young people from around the world who are growing up with HIV, exploring their experiences of family, mental health, healthcare environments and treatment, school and education, navigating relationships, and HIV activism.

Expect honest chat and insights into the diverse lives of young people and their shared experiences around HIV, plus what is needed to live well growing up with HIV.

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Positive Advice is a Podcast by Chiva and is produced by TBI Media