The ArcHIVe is a podcast created by a group of young people who have grown up in the UK living with HIV. It shares their thoughts, ideas, hopes and shared dreams.

“It’s only right we have our stories told, by us, for us, about us…. I am me not HIV.”

Music, poetry and drama created by the young people explores misinformation about HIV and AIDS, stigma, managing HIV medication and how difficult it can be to talk to other people about having HIV.

HIV being kept ‘secret’ even in close relationships can take a toll on emotional well-being and mental health, leading to loneliness and isolation.

Despite the challenges and complexity HIV can bring to young peoples’ lives The ArcHIVe reveals that through connecting, building a community and feeling accepted young people are empowered. These stories show young people living with HIV as ambitious, powerful and positive about their lives and future aspirations. They are a strong community determined to change the story of HIV.

The ArcHIVe aims to provide insight and understanding, addressing ongoing HIV related stigma and provides updated information about HIV today.


A group of young people living with HIV from across the UK participated in an arts engagement programme in 2019. This was delivered by Chiva in partnership with Turtle Key Arts who lead the creative development work with a team of professional artists: Aga Serugo-Lugo (composer), Oliver Campbell-Smith (project director) Ryan Matthews-Robinson (poetry facilitator). Nandita Ghose (audio producer) and Simon Le Vans (audio producer). Chiva received a grant from the Co-op foundation to deliver this project and support from the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith.