Young people at a CYC gathering

The Chiva Youth Committee (CYC) is a vibrant and creative group of young people who are keen to get involved in a wide range of projects and campaigns. Since 2010, the CYC has been working alongside the Chiva staff team, Trustee Board and Steering Group to:

  • give a voice to children and young people living with HIV in the work of Chiva and in the public domain
  • tackle HIV stigma and support campaigns by working with the media, policy makers and the public

All CYC members are aged 12–18 years old and living with HIV. It has recently expanded to 20 members, including an elected chair and deputy chair. Committee members hold their roles for two or three years. Recruitment is via an application form available on this page when there are vacancies.

The CYC achieves its aims by:

  • Reviewing Chiva’s work and influencing developments at CYC meetings 3–4 times a year
  • Working with Chiva’s partner organisations to tackle issues, strengthen campaigns and speak at conferences
  • Getting involved in projects they feel will work towards creating better awareness and understanding of HIV

You can also read more about some of the Youth Committee’s achievements.

In this short video, some CYC members share their experiences.

If you want to find out more about the CYC or have a project idea, please email Abi Carter, Chiva’s Participation Manager, at [email protected] or call/text her on 07807 705062.