Enhancing the health and social wellbeing of children and young people living with HIV

Participation Work

The meaningful participation of children and young people is central to our work at CHIVA.

Our approach is about working in partnership with children and young people in everything we do, from encouraging previous CHIVA participants and youth committee members to lead activities, to our established peer mentor role of Camp Leader at our annual support camp.

At the core of our work is the CHIVA Youth Committee (CYC). The CYC is an integral part of the charity's structure and sits alongside the Executive Committee. The CYC has its own work programme and is supported by a Participation Officer. The CYC meets regularly with the CHIVA Trustee Board and links with the dedicated Young Adult living with HIV Trustee position which we have recently established.

In 2019 we established some new roles within the structure of the youth committee. During the residential meet-ups the Participation Officer is now supported on the pastoral care side by a young adult living with HIV. We have also established the role of ‘Youth Advocacy Coordinator’, a young adult living with HIV and currently a ‘CYC Alumni’ who attends more public facing events and meetings on behalf of the youth committee and feeds back to them about the wider HIV policy agenda.

We talk with the CYC and other young people when we start working on a project, to ensure that it is youth-led and will meet their needs from the start.

CHIVA is currently in receipt of a BBC Children in Need England grant for its participation work. This funding supports the work of the CYC and the role of a part-time Participation Officer. 

For more information about these work areas or for any other participation enquiry please visit the above links or contact We are always interested in working with other organisations on specific youth participation projects.