Celebrating Positively Spoken on #WorldAIDSDay

September 2023

The team are planning a celebration event for the project as it comes to a close at the end of 2023. After interviewing over 30 young people for their life stories, we’ll be bringing together participants and celebrating their contributions to oral history. Rapper Awate has co-produced a piece of music with young contributors, which will be performed on the day, and artist Cai Burton will be displaying his illustrations, bringing some of the sound clips to life. Looking forward to celebrating with everyone!

What is it like being an interviewer on Positively Spoken?

November 2022

What’s been happening in phase two of the project

July 2022

Phase two of Positively Spoken is officially in full swing, which means we have started recruiting people who have grown up living with HIV from across the UK and have begun interviewing them in multiple locations throughout the year…

Why it’s important to the team

“Positively Spoken will throw you into the depths of the person’s life whose story you’re hearing. Speaking your life into existence is so powerful.” Hear what else R from the Positively Spoken project team has to say.

Welcome to Positively Spoken

December 2021

Watch the short video below to learn about Positively Spoken and what the project aims to achieve.

Introduction from one of the project leads 

September 2021

Since the late 1980s the British Library Sound Archive (BLSA) has collected oral histories of people living with and affected by HIV, but so far they have missed out the perspective and important stories of people who have grown up living with HIV…Until now!