CHIVA Parliamentary Reception 'Educate Yourselves' working towards HIV Friendly Schools'

November 15, 2015, 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM


HIV Friendly Schools

This important event represents a key milestone in the ‘Educate Yourself: Working Towards HIV Friendly Schools’ campaign celebrating the launch of the guidance HIV in Schools: Good practice guide to supporting children living with and affected by HIV.
In the UK, there are approximately 1,000 children in mainstream schools living with HIV and over 25,000 children who live in families affected by HIV. Whilst schools are experienced in providing support to children living with many chronic illnesses, the stigma surrounding HIV means that families are often reluctant to disclose the diagnosis, and are therefore unable to access this support.
Through the facilitation and adoption of this guidance in schools across the UK, CHIVA hope to provide the information, tools and resources that are needed to ensure that a pupil who discloses their own or their family's HIV status will be supported in a non-judgmental way, being free from stigma and accessing the pastoral support they need.
This event will provide an opportunity to hear from members of CHIVA’s Youth Committee who will be sharing, in their own words, their personal experiences of growing up and living with HIV in the UK.


This event is by invitation only.


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