Enhancing the health and social wellbeing of children and young people living with HIV



8 young people were invited to attend the meetup day. Due to other commitments 5 were unable to attend, and 3 attended, aswell as a peer mentor.

All members of the group went ice-skating. Group members looked after each other, and supported each other with their different levels of ability on the ice. After the ice-skating, there was a visit to Nando's. The group agreed to a  no phones at the table rule. Everyone was happy and talking to each other about the success of the day. Each young person was given a small Christmas goody bag which included information on CHIVA camp 2020 and the next Family conference in London. The group also did a couple of activities to think about their experiences, interests, and who is in their live that can provide support. CHIVA camp was discussed and how much the young people benefited from attending.  Looking forward to attending 2020 camp.  Also discussed was a visit to see the young people who live in Manchester during half term.

Comments from young people about the day and how they feel about their HIV:

I felt strong, powerful, you don't always have to think about HIV,

Tablets are hard to take, I talk and look at tablets before I take them with butterfly's in my stomach, if I think about it too much it will mess with my mental health,

Confident, self-love, in control, no thoughts, don't think about it much.

The best thing about today was…

  1. Laughing with everyone

  2. The food at Nando’s

  3. Meeting up with everyone and ice skating