Enhancing the health and social wellbeing of children and young people living with HIV


Two young people from Liverpool, (including one new member of the group) and 2 from Manchester attended, with 3 others unable to attend on the day.

As an ice-breaker everyone in the group was asked to write down 2 true facts about themselves and 1 lie. Each group member then read out their 3 "facts" and the rest of the group had to decide which was the lie.

There was then a group discussion about what wellbeing means to everyone, to encourage YP to think about what living well with HIV means to them. 

We then had an activity called the Shield - My wellbeing – living well with HIV. A shield template was drawn on flip chart and the groups were asked to draw their own shield onto a piece of paper and divide it into 4 sections and write down their answers to the 4 questions from the template.  See comments listed below. 

  • Who supports me now: Nurse, mum, family members, friends

  • Who do I talk to about my HIV now: Learning mentor, teacher, nurse, doctor, parent 

  • Who would I like to support me?: Friends (if they understood more), teacher, Church pastor as then would feel more part of the community If ‘they’ knew they could shield me, look out for me support me without asking 

  • Who would l like to talk to about my HIV?: Friends (certain ones), everyone, mum.


Another activity during the day was to come up with motto's about living well with HIV, (see above.)