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Our last camp took place in Derbyshire from 14th-18th August. 91 HIV positive children and young people aged 11-16 from across the UK and Ireland attended. An evaluation report about the camp can be read here. You can also read our camp 2017 newsletter here.


 "Being at camp made me feel free. I used to be worried about my future but now I feel much better. I used to think I am the only one with HIV but I was wrong, and thanks for proving me wrong." (Young person camp 2017)


“I got to meet people with the same thing as me, because where I live it just felt like it was just me" (Young person, camp, 2010)

Since the first camp in 2010, we have run ‘Freedom To Be’ annually. The camp sees young people aged between 11-16 travel from all over the UK and Ireland come together for 5 days. Everyone who attends is HIV positive. During camp, there are mandatory workshops on issues related to growing up and living well with HIV, creative and outdoor activities which encourage expression and sharing this experience, as well as free time to build friendships.


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