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We will post information about our recruitment process for Camp 2019 in January.

What is a Camp Leader?

A Camp Leader is a HIV+ young person aged 18 – 24 years old who will help to run the support camp. They will be a mentor to the young people at camp, and help with the running of the camp too.

If you have previously attended camp as a young person you need to wait a year after attending before you can be a Camp Leader. This is because you need to have a different role at camp and having a bit of time away helps you to do this.

Honesty and Trust

It will be important to be honest with us at CHIVA about how you are feeling about your HIV from the very start of the process. If you are struggling to accept your own HIV or currently not taking your medicine we will not turn you away. However, we would like you to tell us about these struggles. As a camp leader you will sometimes be asked to talk about your own experiences with HIV – either in front of large groups in a workshop or individually when supporting a young person. You will find this hard if you are struggling yourself and it is important that the Camp Leader Supervisor knows about this so they can support you to be the best Camp Leader you can be at that time.

The qualities which we feel are important for Camp Leaders are:      

  •    Being committed and enthusiastic
  •    Sensitivity and able to empathise with other people
  •    Confidence to talk with children and young people about HIV
  •    Having a strong commitment to equality and non-discrimination on grounds of race, ethnicity, country of    origin, religion, gender, sexuality or disability.

The skills and abilities which we feel are important for Camp Leaders are:        

  •     Excellent communication skills
  •     Be able to motivate and inspire others   
  •     Be able to work in a team
  •     Confident in talking with young people   
  •     Good organisational skills    
  •      Able to be a role model for other young people living with HIV
  •      Be flexible – things often change at camp

Camp Leaders do not need to have worked with young people before, as we will be there to give lots of support, information and training for you to take on the role.

It is important to remember that as a camp leader you are in a very different role to if you were a young person at camp.

 If you would like more information about this role or if you have any questions you can contact Abi on 07807 705062 or abi.carter@chiva.org.uk 

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