Enhancing the health and social wellbeing of children and young people living with HIV

Volunteering-key worker

What do volunteers do at camp?

Each volunteer key worker is allocated a small group of young people to key work throughout the camp. A key worker assists the young people in attending workshops and joins them in some of the outward bounds, social and leisure activities. You provide the participants with support and a listening ear throughout the camp, and help them to overcome any anxieties or difficulties they may experience. You will also support participants in taking their medication and record this at camp-with the support of the health care lead. At all times you will have the support and guidance of an allocated supervisor, and you will be working together as a team.

Prior to camp you will be required to attend a training weekend, where you will meet the staff team and other volunteers and receive training related to Child Protection, children and HIV and work out elements of your role at this years camp. After the weekend we will confirm which volunteers we will invite to come to camp.


“I have been inspired by the compassion and empathy shown by the young people towards each other.”

(Key worker, camp 2013)