Enhancing the health and social wellbeing of children and young people living with HIV

What Happens?

There are various structured activity sessions provided at camp and the time is divided between workshops outward bounds and creative activities. Participants are divided into groups which rotate around the activities on a daily basis so they will have a morning of outwards bounds activities and then an afternoon of three workshops or vice versa.



All workshops are youth friendly and involve interactive games, role-play and discussion. They are all about HIV related topics – medicine, talking to others, general HIV knowledge, knowing your rights – and are faciliated by experts. There are also therapeutic art based workshops where the young people are encouraged to express themselves and their feels about living with HIV.


Creative Day

In the middle of camp there is a creative day where the young people choose from a range of creative and sports activities for a day. These activities can include  dance, singing, rap, drama, visual arts as well as football and other on site physical activities. In the evening any groups or individuals who want to perform what they have been working on, can share this with the rest of the group in an informal performance session.



The evenings are co-organised with a group of former camp attendees who have moved on to become camp leaders. They organise games and group activities, host performances and run the party on the last night.



Support at camp

Camp is run by a small team of CHIVA staff and a large group of volunteers. Volunteers take the roles of Camp Leaders and Key Workers. The Key Workers job is to support a designated group of young people for the duration of camp, passing on information, managing bedtime and supporting the young people in taking their medication. Camp Leaders help with all aspects of ensuring camp runs smoothly including logistics, dinner time duties, running evening activities alongside the Youth Committee and ensuring young people are safe and happy during their time at camp.


Medical lead

We have a small team of nurses who register all the medication the young people bring with them to camp, and they assist the Key Workers in supporting the young people with their medication needs. Every day we have a designated nurse as medical lead who deals with any issues that arise during that 24 hour period. They also ensure any information or concerns that comes to light at camp around young people's health needs and condition, is passed on to the health care professional that works with them outside of camp.