Enhancing the health and social wellbeing of children and young people living with HIV



The CYC met in February 2020 in Oxfordshire. The main purpose of this trip was to prepare the CYC symposium ‘My Health, My Consultation’ for the CHIVA Annual Conference. The CYC wanted to look at the concept of PROMS (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) for young people living with HIV and were invited to take part in the INTUIT research study ( The study looks at the sharing of personal data by people living with HIV with healthcare providers and others, and how this can empower these people to live well. The INTUIT researchers facilitated a session with the young people which specifically looked at self-care. This was a fascinating day for everyone and the feedback from the young people was very positive.

Aside from the INTUIT study we were visited by the Office for the Children’s Commissioner to take part in a consultation about the needs of young people in society today. This led to some really interesting discussions and a lot of different opinions about solutions to the varying challenges facing young people in different areas.

As well as our formal sessions and visitors we spent time planning the CHIVA Family Conference, discussing the theme for camp, and took part in an activity about young people and what’s acceptable or not in relationships.  And finally, went on the now legendary annual CYC visit to an ice cream parlour!