Enhancing the health and social wellbeing of children and young people living with HIV


February 2019

The CYC met in Oxford in February to prepare for the CHIVA conferences (in March 2019) and camp, with external workshop sessions run by Brook and Debate Mate. The group worked on the key topics to be explored in the family conference session, including the Young People's workshop which they will facilitate, and discussion topics for the Family Communication Workshop. 

The committee also spend a lot of time preparing their CHIVA Conference Symposium - 'My journey with Medicine.' They explored what being undetectable means and what the obstacles are for some young people to achieve this. The Debate Mate training was a lively session about debating and public speaking skills with lots of really helpful exercises to prepare and present well. Brook wanted the group's views about some new resources they are developing about Women and Girls'  'Intimate Health' and the group really appreciated the opportunity to talk about sexual health more generally. 


November 2018

The new members of the CYC held their first meeting in November 2018. It was a jam-packed 24 hour event with lots of lively discussion and ideas for the coming year. A new chairperson and deputy were elected. We reviewed the NAT HIV school lesson plans. We also looked at the twitter account @freedom2spk and the secure website ifonlyyouknew, reviewing the site and looking at how to make improvements. We had a theatre trip to see 'The Wolves' at the Theatre Royal Stratford East, who provided free tickets for the group.