Enhancing the health and social wellbeing of children and young people living with HIV


One member of the current CYC and another CHIVA participant talk about their HIV and their friendship as part of the BBC Wales Live series.  Click here to view the article. 


9 members of the CYC met in Surrey for a weekend residential in November. We welcomed new members and enjoying getting to know each other. As one of our new members is deaf we all learnt a lot of British Sign Language and will continue to do this at each meeting.

We had an incredibly productive weekend- these are some of the things we discussed: Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights with a visitor from Brook, the NHS Service Specification for Paediatric HIV (and the group’s views on the Key Performance Indicators), the International HIV and AIDS Conference taking place in 2020, the upcoming CHIVA Conferences and what the CYC wants to tell the audiences, a CHIVA Acceptable Use Policy for smart phones during Young People’s meetings and residentials, CHIVA Camp, and the latest Youth Stop AIDS Campaigns.

We also spoke with the newly appointed CYC Youth Advocacy Coordinator about different events he has attended recently on behalf of the CYC and took part in a focus group about clinic attendance with Marthe from the MRC. We also appointed a new chairperson and deputy and they will be introduced at the conferences.

All in all it was a whirlwind of discussions and activities along with some dancing and archery! We are very grateful to all the young people for their hard work.