Camp is run by a small team of Chiva staff and a large group of volunteers.


Volunteers take the roles of Camp Leaders and Key Workers. A Key Worker’s job is to support a designated group of young people for the duration of camp. Camp Leaders help with ensuring camp runs smoothly. Their roles include logistical tasks, dinner time duties and co-facilitation of evening activities.

It is important to us that our Key Worker team includes people living with HIV. All Camp Leaders are young adults aged 18–25 who are living with HIV.

Individuals with personal and professional experience of HIV are also invited to visit camp and run workshops, along with people working in creative industries.

Medical support at camp

A small team of medical professionals register all the medication that young people bring with them to camp. They assist the Key Workers in supporting the young people with their medication needs.

Every day a designated medical lead deals with any issues that arise. They also ensure any key information or concerns around young people’s health needs are shared with the healthcare professional who works with them outside of camp.

Safeguarding and confidentiality

Camp is led by a qualified and experienced staff team. Volunteers attend a training weekend which covers all legal requirements and considerations involved in supporting young people living with HIV, and includes completing an enhanced DBS check. All visitors to camp are required to read and sign an agreement ahead of attending camp, and at camp they are accompanied by one of the volunteer team.

Participants hand in their mobile phones when they arrive, which protects their safety and privacy whilst encouraging them to talk and interact fully and freely. Contact with families is facilitated where necessary.

The short BBC film above gives an overview and flavour of camp.