Camp is a lot of fun but can also be life-changing, as many young people have said. Participants get the chance to build lasting friendships and support to see them through their next stage in life. Many participants have returned to camp as volunteers, staff, workshop facilitators, Youth Committee members or visiting speakers sharing their experiences through TED-style talks. This continued involvement shows how much participants have valued camp and contributed to the supportive community it provides. 

Chiva believes that camp is a rite-of-passage experience that all young people living with HIV in the UK and Ireland should have the chance to attend at least once.

We undertake thorough evaluations of our annual support camp to understand the experiences of both the young people attending and the volunteers. This helps us make sure everyone gets the most out of taking part. 

You can read the last four years of evaluations below.

Camp 2023 Evaluation

Camp 2022 Evaluation

Camp 2021 Evaluation 

Camp 2020 Evaluation