Information for F2B 2024


Chiva Freedom 2 Be (F2B) Camp will give you the information you need to live well with HIV. This means understanding it correctly and developing skills to manage how HIV affects different parts of your life. You will meet many other people living with HIV and get to hear about lots of different experiences. 

Across the few days, you will:

  • Take part in workshops that are aimed at helping you understand your HIV and talk to other young people who share experiences
  • Attend creative arts, poetry, drama, music workshops
  • Do outward bounds activities such as climbing, zip wires and other adventurous activities 
  • There will also be time for sports and other fun things as well as socialising with friends
  • On our last night, we will have a big party. There will also be a movie night in a different room.

Every participant has an adult volunteer called a Key Worker. They will be staying at Camp all week and this is the person who will help make sure you have the best time at Camp possible. They are there to support you, and they are the first person you should go to with any questions or worries.


This will be the fifteenth year of Chiva’s F2B camp and we will be creating a short film to celebrate this. The film will tell the story of a young person going to camp and will be played by actors. 

You may notice that the film producer and actors will be around during the week as they will do some of the filming with the camp base in the background. Please be assured that if you are in the background of a scene, you will not be filmed in a way that you could be recognised. 


We want everyone who comes to Camp to have a great time! We worked with young people to set some minimum expectations on how everyone at Camp will behave. This is linked below. You and your parent/carer must read and agree to this Behaviour Agreement if you are to attend Camp. If you do not follow these expectations, you may face consequences, including being asked to leave Camp early. 

Behaviour Agreement


You will need enough clothes for the whole of Camp (five days), including taking part in outdoor activities most days.

You should bring:

  • Towel
  • Waterproof coat
  • Trainers – try to bring a spare pair that you don’t mind getting dirty or wet for the outdoor activities 
  • Clothes – you should wear some for the outdoor activities that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty 
  • Clothes to wear in the evenings – we will have a party on the final evening so you may wish to bring something to wear for that
  • Toiletries – Toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hair products, roll-on deodorant etc
  • HIV Medication – enough for each day that you are away (five days). Please make sure that this is clearly labelled with your name. A medical practitioner will ask to see this upon arrival. 
  • Any other medication you take
  • Torch (if you have one)
  • Slippers/flip flops
  • Nightwear – you will be sharing rooms with other people so make sure you have clothes you feel comfortable in


You must not bring any aerosols to Camp – this includes deodorant and hair spray. The fire alarms are very sensitive, and these can set them off. You may bring a roll-on deodorant.

Please do not bring anything valuable to Camp such as laptops, computer games (Switch, etc) or bluetooth speakers. Chiva are not responsible for items that you lose or break at Camp.

You do not need money for anything, and there is no shop open at the site. There will be three meals a day provided for you at Camp, as well as snacks in the evenings. If you want to, you can bring a small amount of money (£10 max) to buy snacks /drinks on your journey to and from Camp.


You will not be able to keep any mobile phones, tablets or other electronic communication devices with you at Camp. This is so you won’t be distracted by your phone during your time at Camp and you can fully enjoy your time with the rest of the young people at Camp. It also keeps you safe as other people will not take any photos of you at Camp which could be shared. 

Everyone who brings a phone or tablet to Camp will need to give them to staff upon arrival; they will be stored in our office. You will be able to make emergency calls home should you need to, by coming to the Camp Office. Chiva will never say no to you calling home if you want to. 
This is a rule you should come prepared to accept. If young people are found with a mobile phone or a tablet at Camp, they will be issued a formal warning and requested to hand it in. If they do not, they may be asked to leave the Camp.


If you have any questions before camp, please contact either:

Abi on (email: [email protected] or phone/ text: 07807 705062 )