CHIVA have consulted with the current membership and following approval at the CHIVA AGM on 12th March 2021 a new approach to membership has been agreed. From 2021 CHIVA membership will consist of the following three options:

* Professional Membership for both Clinic Teams and Individuals offers the opportunity for named professional members to nominate themselves to be elected onto the CHIVA Steering Group, when vacancies come up, which then provides the opportunity to consider joining the Trustee board, following membership of the Steering Group, and offers preferential registration fees to attend the annual CHIVA conference ongoing.

Affiliated membership

Individuals and partner organisations can become affiliated members of CHIVA which enables them to receive CHIVA newsletters, bulletins and updates from CHIVA.
Affiliated membership has no charge. Individuals and organisations can opt out of receiving information from CHIVA at any point.

CHIVA members newsletter:

A CHIVA members newsletter is sent out to all members (in all categories) four times per year providing updates on CHIVA work, upcoming activities, information about wider events, conferences, and recent publications. Additional members’ bulletins are provided to share information of potential interest.

CHIVA professional members area on website:

A secure area of the website is provided to professional members to access via a login. Information in this area is intended for professional members to support their work with young people and their families, for example additional resources shared from CHIVA projects which are not made available for public access.

For any queries about CHIVA membership please email [email protected]

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