Since 2013, Chiva has been working with UNICEF’s Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (formerly CEE/CIS). This project, called Strengthening care and support services for adolescents living with HIV, has involved working intensively with health and social care professionals in Ukraine. We have also supported colleagues in Uzbekistan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Russia and Siberia.

How has Chiva helped strengthen care and support for young people?

  • We have designed and delivered training and webinars for practitioners involved in developing support services for young people living with HIV. Our three-day training covers key issues such as developmentally-appropriate communication about HIV; holistic, child-centred and rights-based approaches; and the use of simple creative resources. We address young people’s understanding of HIV, their treatment adherence and sexual health. A ‘train the trainers’ version of the course has also been developed. 
  • We have produced a handbook for practitioners, managers and policymakers. This resource shares knowledge and learning from practice developments in the UK that can be useful in a global context.
  • We have developed video resources to accompany the handbook.

For more information about this work, please contact: [email protected].