Enhancing the health and social wellbeing of children and young people living with HIV

HIV and School

It can be a dilemma for parents and carers deciding whether to tell their child’s school about HIV in the family. You may want the school to know thinking this would be better for your child as they may be able to get support and understanding.

You may be worried about how the school will deal with this information - will they keep this confidential? You may also be worried that they could treat your child differently.

It is important to remember that HIV is a non-notifiable illness, which means there is no legal requirement on you to tell the school.

This area sets out the advantages and disadvantages of telling a school. It also explains your rights and gives you some ideas of how you could talk to a school.

CHIVA worked with many partners from education and the charity sector to update the original NCB guidance for schools document and the updated document below was completed in November 2015 and launched at the House of Lords.

HIVinSchoolsfulldoccover.gif(click on the image to download the document)