Social Care Involvement

This area is for parents/carers of children living with HIV, where children’s services are involved with the family.

Local authority children’s services support children and families with needs that cannot be fully met by health, education or community services. They have a duty to keep children and vulnerable adults safe. 

When a child is unable to live with their parent or a wider family member for a range of reasons, they may need to be looked after in care organised by the local authority. You can find out more about why children’s services might become involved with your family, and what to expect if/when that happens, from Family Lives and Family Rights Group.

Foster carers

When a child is placed with a foster carer, the child will have their own named social worker who is responsible for making sure they are looked after properly. 

If it is not possible to find a foster carer to look after a child, the child may stay at a children’s home. This would not happen with a younger child. However, sometimes with older teenagers this can be a better option as they can find it difficult to settle into a different family home.

Confidentiality and HIV

Discrimination in care