Support for Parents/Carers

Raising children and young people is challenging. Raising a child or young person living with HIV brings with it additional challenges which can be overwhelming.   

While we can share some tips on how to cope with these challenges, we acknowledge that every child is unique so these tips may not all be relevant to you.  


The best thing you can do is to look after yourself first. If you as the Champion are in a good mindset you will find it more manageable to tackle challenges when they arise.  

Self-care is doing something for YOU! It means doing something that you enjoy, and it can be anything from going for a walk to making yourself a healthy meal or gardening. This allows your body and mind to relax, encouraging you to have some free time to think and arrange your thoughts and feelings.  

Self-care is not being selfish. In fact, the more you look after yourself, the more you are going to be able to give to your loved ones.  

Support for parents and carers

Another helpful tip is to access peer support. Peer support can be accessed via Chiva Project Support Officers who work in regions around the UK, or through local support groups listed here.

Chiva are open to organising more online support for parents and carers and where possible including meet-ups in regions. Do get in touch if you are interested in meeting with other parents and carers either online or in person. 

We ran our first family residential this year, bringing together parents and carers from around the country who are champions of a child or young person who is growing up living with HIV, and young adults who have grown up living with HIV. Find out more about our events for families.