Telling other people

If a child or young person you are parent/carer for has grown up living with HIV, you have probably been the person who decides who else knows this information. 

It is likely there will come a time when they decide they want to tell a close friend or a partner that they have HIV. Although this may feel a little daunting, you will need to support them through this. 

They will need support in making that final decision to tell someone and working out what they will say. They will also need to be prepared for the possible different ways that person may act.

You could look at the page about telling your child about HIV in the family together with your child to help them prepare to tell someone else.

You could ask them if there is anyone in their lives they are thinking they may want to tell about their HIV, as part of a more general conversation about HIV, including how they are managing their medication, how are the clinic appointments going etc. 

From our conversations with young people we know a small number tell friends without telling their parent/carer. If you bring this up with them once or twice a year, they will know you will support them in this, even if you personally feel you do not want to tell others about HIV in the family.

For further guidance please see this leaflet: Sharing in life