Enhancing the health and social wellbeing of children and young people living with HIV


Parents are happier to talk about sex (or HIV) when they feel prepared and know what to say. As with disclosure, you should prepare yourself before beginning conversations with your child. The Family Planning Association have made lots of resources, and even have a parent’s pack you can buy to help you talk to your child about sex.

Remember, this is not about expecting your child to start having sex, but helping them prepare well for when they do. Research shows that these conversations lead to young people having sex later, not earlier.


Online Resources

There are many places online where you can read about other parent’s experiences with teenagers and forums where you can post your own comments or questions. Websites such as Parenting and Parent’s Chat offer both advice and forums. Have a look at a few and decide which ones may work for you.

For talking to younger children about sex and puberty and older ones about sex and relationships there are many books and leaflets available. Have a look around and find the ones you like and feel comfortable with. You could try the FPA or Leeds Sexual Health.

For talking to older children, there are some tips and a good short video on the Direct Gov website. Net Doctor has good information and tips too.

Brook has a website about sex aimed specifically at young people; this is a good place to get more information and NHS Live Well has sections on talking to children, and teens about sex.